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  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
300W-Single Drive Fiber Laser Cutter
Product Name:BW fiber laser cutting machine
Laser power:300W
Laser:RAYCUS / IPG laser generator
Cutting area:3000mm * 1500mm
Machine structure: single drive
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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Advantages:
BW series fiber laser cutting machine adopts the most advanced fiber lasers---industrial leading RAYCUS / IPG fiber lasers supplier .It represents the development trend of lasers, which are widely used in a variety of high-quality non-ferrous metal plates and even high-speed processing.
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine unique advantages:
① electro-optical conversion efficiency up to 30%;
② extremely good pulse power / energy stability;
③ long life, high precision, pump source lifetime> 100,000 hours
④ faster, the effect is more perfect;
⑤ beam quality optimized for applications;
⑥ Compact design;
⑦ low cost solutions, Semiconductor optical fiber as the laser generating media, without the occurrence of a gas laser, green;
⑧ smart,light weight, maintenance-free;
Fiber laser cutting machine is consist of bed, crossbeam, Z shaft device, operation control part, gas waterway parts.
The bed adopts welded structure, roughing after annealing to eliminate stress, after finishing from the secondary vibration aging treatment, solves the stress generated due to welding and machining, thus greatly improving the machine stability. X, Y, Z axes are imported from Japan servo motor, high efficiency transmission with high rigidity and precision reducer precision ball screw, precision helical rack and pinion, precision linear guide, effectively ensure the transmission accuracy; the machine is equipped with automatic lubrication system, the cutting area with a dust exhaust system, cutting the bottom area is equipped with scrap cars,clean up waste regularly .
Beams using lightweight cast structure, roughing after annealing to eliminate stress, after finishing secondary vibration aging treatment made a better solution to the stress generated due to casting and machining, thus greatly improving the machine stability.
Under Z-axis device is to achieve the vertical movement of the cutting head. After the Z-axis device capacitance sensor detects the distance between the cutting nozzle plate surface to the signal back to the control system, then controlled by the control system Z axis motor drives the cutting head up and down movement to control the distance between the cutting nozzle and the sheet constant effectively ensure the cutting quality.
(3)Gas path and water system
gas path of Fiber laser cutting machine has two parts, cutting gas supplied to the cutting head can be used to clean dry compressed air, high purity oxygen and high purity nitrogen. Another part of the device sports an assist gas, all clean and dry compressed air.
Cutting gas is divided into three gases: nitrogen, oxygen and air, and by doing three gas may freely choose. Workbench secondary gas cylinder direct drive, use dust blower in addition to the ability to achieve an efficient welcome home smoke dust.

Waterway system mainly consists of two parts:
the cooling water from the chiller out of the way into the laser, when the cooling cycle back to the chiller air conditioning. All the way back into the laser cutting head portion is recycled back to the chiller.
The cutting head and the following part
A highly automatic tracking system of the cutting head and the non - contact type of the capacitor is used for cutting the cutting head. According to the physical characteristics of the fiber laser, the cutting head standard 5 inch focal length of the lens can be used for different thickness of sheet metal cutting, eliminating to replace the different poly trouble focusing mirror. Can also be based on customer demand for the replacement of the right lens.
The function of PC system
BW fiber laser cutting machine adopt hundred dimensional self-developed PC control system, the system based on windows in both Chinese and English operation interface, has the characteristics of high reliability, high performance, and network, high performance price ratio, simple operation, easy to use.

300W Laser cutting machine data parameters

BW-G3015 fiber laser cutting machine
Power of laser generator 300W
Machine structure single
The processing area (length * width) 3000mm*1500mm
Cutting board thickness 0.2mm-3mm
Machine cutting energy consumption 6kw/h
Cutting speed According to cutting thickness
xlim 3050mm
ylim 1525mm
zlim 60mm
X/Y axis positioning accurac ±0.05mm/m
X / Y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Maximum positioning speed 30m/min
Maximum table load 900kg
Machine weight 4000kg
NC system Bo Chu or customized
Laser generator RAYCUS/IPG/laser generator
ball screw Taiwan TBI
linear guide Taiwan Yintai
Cooling system Water cooling
Cutting head USA lasermech
electrical equipment Schneider
Servo motor Panasonnic
Dimension (L*W*G) 5000x2500x1600 mm

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